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Compact Vacuum Tube Audio Amplifier and Speaker System

EL84 Vacuum Tube Audio Amplifier and Speaker System


Model No. Nightingale P1

  Schrödinger Audio’s Nightingale P1 is a fully complete Vacuum tube HiFi Audio system with build-in Bluetooth and a single auxiliary connection for CD/DVD players or a tuner input. The compact design of Nightingale P1 allows you to put it anywhere without the worry of taking up too much space.


  Nightingale P1 uses a Class-A Single Ended design to reduce distortion. The unique DC to DC high frequency power switching inverter replaces the tradition heavy and cumbersome power transformer, gives the option of regulating the vacuum tube operating voltage and most importantly, eliminates the constant low-pitched hum, which can be heard on most transformers.

  Nightingale P1 is a two stage Class-A Single Ended amplifier powered by an EL84 high performance vacuum tube and a 12AX7 low noise preamplifier vacuum tube. The amplifier is specifically designed to generate a diverse range of harmonics and delivers crystal-clear audio. The super low noise feature produces crystal-clear audio that every audiophile will enjoy.


  A tone control dial allows you to boost select tones to suit your preferences, it also allows you to compensate for audio loss due to background noise.

  The  Bluetooth®  connectivity  allows you  to pair Nightingale P1  with  your 
smartphone, tablet or, computer so you can stream your music remotely.

    A full range  8-ohm  speaker  is  fitted  in  to  a bass  reflex  moulded  MDF enclosure. This  allows Nightingale  P1  to  reproduce  audio  with clarity and


    A 3.5mm audio jack mounted in the front allows you to plug in any of your 
headphones to listen to your music in quiet environments  with the benefits
of  a  full  amplifier. The  audio  jack  works  well  with most  low  impedance 

   As an additional option, vacuum tubes are covered with a protective metal 
enclosure to prevent accidental contact. The front plate and chassis is built 
from  scratch  resistant  anodized  aluminium.  The main  amplifier  unit  of 
Nightingale P1 measures at W17.5cm H15.8CM  L17.6cm and the speaker 
units measure at W15.0cm H15.7CM  L17.4cm.

   We provide a 12-month limited warranty for Nightingale P1.



·Amplifier Audio Tubes: EL84x2,12AU7x1

·Output Power: 3W +3W (RMS)

·Load Impedance: 8Ω(typ)

·Input sensitivity:0.775V(0dB)

·Input Impedance: 470K

·Frequency Response: 30Hz ~ 20kHz (±3dB)

·Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 80dB

·THD: <1% (1kHz)

·Earphone output power:0.5w

·Earphone output impedance: 8Ω~300Ω

·Bluetooth Transfer Distance: 10M(Max)

·Input: RCA×1. Bluetooth

·Power Supply: DC 12V 10A External Power Adapter

·Power Dissipation: 55W

·Dimensions (mm): W150 x H150 x L152

·Net Weight:2.2 KG


·Frequency Response: 30Hz ~ 20kHz (±3dB)

·Impedance: 8Ω

·Dimensions (mm): W150 x H150 x L152 x 2pcs.

·Net Weight:1.12KG×2pcs.


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EL84 Vacuum Tube Audio Amplifier and Speaker System